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    US internet hypocrisy

    August 16, 2011 by Gracefool
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  • Gracefool

    I thought I'd expand on discussion link #2 from my previous post. The Guardian article said "over 333 deaths in police custody since 1998 and not a single conviction of any police officer for any of them" while this article from the Economist said over 400 "deaths following police contact" between 1999 and 2009. In February 2008 over 100 lawyers resigned from the advisory body for the Independent Police Complaints Commission citing favouritism towards police, indifference, extreme delays and other problems.

    The arrest count is now up to 1600:

    One student was given a six-month sentence for stealing a bottle of water, and BBC legal affairs correspondent Clive Coleman said tough sentences were "inevitable" given the public outrage.

    The "looters …

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  • Gracefool

    Thanks to the Infringing File Sharing amendment, or "3-strikes law", evidence collected by copyright holders from today may be used from September 1st to force ISPs to give evidence against their customers, implicating them in infringing copyrights via filesharing.

    Unfortunately, that evidence could be entirely fabricated, yet be likely to pass unchallenged through the new system.

    In last week's article, I detailed how people could be fined for legally using peer-to-peer software, if copyright enforcement agencies detected them using DHT. I think it would be very unlikely for copyright enforcement agencies to use that method, but it's possible, and if you want to be certain of being safe from that kind of accusation, you'll need to take the …

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  • Gracefool

    Wikia FTW!

    August 10, 2011 by Gracefool

    Wow. Wikia seems like it could be everything I've wanted in a Wiki and a CMS. From now on, this will be my blog. Bear with me as I learn the ropes.

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